Saturday, February 2, 2013

YouTube: Diablo Burrito; McRib; more

It's been a pretty good last couple of weeks for my YouTube channel. A couple of my older videos have finally surpassed 1,000 video views (trust me, that's a nice milestone in my book) and two of my most recent uploads have significantly upped the subscriber count. Thank you to all for your continued support!

Diablo Burrito Challenge at Allan's Mexican Restaurant
In my previous YouTube blog post two Saturdays ago, I mentioned that I'd be uploading the Diablo Burrito Challenge from Allan's Mexican Restaurant. In a few days, the video received a few hundred views, which for me is a big win (was at 473 views as of Wednesday morning, 1/30/13). I finally uploaded the full review of the place this past Wednesday. I'm not sure if I'll find a spicier burrito challenge, at least in the Pacific Northwest.

I'm still doing Spicochist Reviews (SR), but I've already seen that I usually get an influx of new subscribers when doing non-SR videos. I still have several more ready to release over the next couple months. I've also made a few new purchases lately, so I'll be filming at least a couple more. However, depending on the situation, I might gradually pull back on the review videos by the end of the year. I doubt that I'll completely nix it, though.

For my latest two SR videos, I sampled "Endorphin Rush" hot sauce and Slim Jim Dare Habanero Beef Jerky.

It's no surprise to me that the McRib has a huge cult following all over the world, but regardless, I'd rarely ever eat that thing. I personally hadn't had a McRib in 15 years before deciding to do a video with one. Since several of my YouTube friends (such as Wreckless Eating, Jamie McDonald, and Matt Stonie) have done McRib videos of some type, it became the perfect storm for me to upload mine. It's gotten a bunch of attention, with over 600 views in the first five days. Video views and new subscribers. Double win!

Throwback Thursday videos might become more commonplace. I realized I had several more videos I either had on my old channel or had simply never released. These will probably all be under the "Spicochist Classic" playlist unless otherwise noted.

I re-released my "Shut Yo Mouth" challenge from Burger Bungalow (filmed March 2012). I kept the original video here because I thought the interaction with the patrons and the staff made the video that much better.

The second Throwback Thursday video was of me finishing the stack of mancakes at Stepping Stone Cafe back in April 2012. The date was 4/20, to be exact. How fun to get high on lots of starch. I added voiceover. Unlike the last time, I included the full video this time, but just sped everything up a lot so that no one would have to see me eat huge pancakes for 30 minutes. My friend also tried to eat a stack and gave it a good effort, but flavor fatigue got to him.

I again want to thank everyone for watching my videos. I was more than overjoyed to learn that two of my older videos surpassed 1,000 views. While it might not be a lot compared to others you see on YouTube, it's very significant for me. Not to mention that the channel has only been up for a few months. More material is on the way!

The 5 Chocolate Bar Challenge video response to Joe Park was the first to hit the 1K mark, followed a couple days later by my very painful 16 oz Trinidad Moruga Scorpion salsa stunt. One was fun, the other nightmarish. Sounds about right.

As February begins, expect to see more YouTube collabs on my channel. I'll of course have my collabs with Naader Reda, but I've struck agreements with some other channels as well.

Naader has announced a Valentine's Day multi-channel collab that I'll be participating in. Hashtag for Twitter is #EatYourHeartOut.

We got over 20 people for the Midnight Madness New Year's collab, and we're hoping to get a larger group this time. If channels with huge followings join in and/or promote this, it would be especially awesome for the smaller upstart channels. It's all about getting recognized in the YouTube world. My next YouTube blog post will likely cover this event in greater detail.

That's all for now. See you Monday with another food review!

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