Monday, October 28, 2013

House of Bread

House of Bread has several franchises throughout the United States. The original spot is in San Luis Obispo, California, but each bakery owner is given the freedom to sell dishes and baked goods to cater to respective clientele. The spot in Tigard, Oregon, just celebrated its one-year anniversary in October 2013.

Terri and Brent Evetts run House of Bread Tigard. There are many savory options, like sandwiches and soups. Many people also come for the sweet treats, like cinnamon rolls, cookies, and caramel-pecan rolls.

As one might have guessed, the breads are all baked in-house. The swirl breads (i.e. cinnamon swirl) remain highly popular.

I did try their cinnamon roll with walnuts and raisins ($3). After heating, it's a delicious cinnamon roll, maintaining moisture through each layer. The roll itself is soft and chewy, no hard/crusty or dry areas to be found. I like the chopped walnuts and raisins just for those texture contrasts and additional flavors. Admittedly, $3 may be pushing it for this cinnamon roll; I've had larger.

Cinnamon Roll with Walnuts and Raisins

Other favorites in the display case include cinnamon rolls without the nuts and raisins ($2.75), caramel nut rolls ($3), and raspberry pinwheels ($3)

The early fall months bring Pumpkin Spice Lattes. A great latte here, even if I just opted for the free sample.

The one-year anniversary celebration included a 100-pound cinnamon roll. It took three hours to make, and a gluttonous side of me wanted to take the entire roll home.

Before icing

After icing

I enjoyed my time at House of Bread. An OK first experience overall. 6.5/10

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