Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mucho Burrito

(NOTE: I've been told that the Ghost Pepper Burrito will be available until November 29! Yay!)

Mucho Burrito has a few locations in Washington, plus several locations in Canada. I drove to the spot in Renton, Washington, to try their limited-time ghost pepper burrito.

Driving two and a half hours for a spicy burrito? Clearly awesome panda logic.

During the month of October (actually until the Day of the Dead), Mucho Burrito offers their ghost pepper burrito. There's even a contest in Toronto in early October.

Two types of ghost pepper burritos here, both 12" long (regular size). The milder "Wimpy" burrito has ghost pepper bacon, ghost pepper-infused fig marmalade, rice, medium salsa, beans, and choice of meat. The "Hotter than Hell" burrito has the same ghost pepper bacon and fig marmalade, but adding their homemade ghost pepper salsa instead. I tried the ghost pepper salsa on a tortilla chip and enjoyed it. Clear ghost pepper flavor and heat. Certainly not for the timid.

I asked for a "Hotter than Hell" chicken burrito this time. Ghost pepper bacon wins the damn internet, plain and simple. The fig marmalade added a sweet dimension to counter the tangy hot sauce. Overall, a delicious burrito.

Ghost Pepper Burrito!

I videotaped myself eating it with no relief. Oh, the joys of clearing my sinuses. Perhaps I'll get several next year when it's offered again.

There's also a spicy chocolate bar available for $1.25. Again, a noticeable kick, but nothing nuclear hot. Quite pleasurable use of the peppers against the milk chocolate.

NOTE: The "mucho" burrito uses a 14" flour tortilla.

Definitely worth the drive to warm up my insides. I just wish there was a location closer to me and for the ghost pepper burrito to be offered all year. 8.25/10

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