Friday, October 25, 2013

YouTube: World's Hottest Candy; Trinidad Scorpion Vodka

In case you've missed the YouTube glory the past couple of weeks, I've had a glorious time chugging fall beverages, creating spicy drinks, and spending time with awesome friends.

Picture taken right after I put Trinidad Scorpion Peppers inside
What will it look like in a few months?!

Since autumn has arrived, that means seasonal beverages are back. McDonald's has rolled out their Pumpkin Spice Latte for a limited time. Doesn't it seem logical to toss ghost pepper powder inside and chug two large lattes? Forty ounces of tasty caffeine!

I did a quick pepper review of the Aji Limon Pepper. It's not that spicy at 30,000 to 50,000 Scovilles. Seriously, the citrus tones in this chile make it a great pairing with seafood.

It had been a while since I uploaded a protein bar review, so I reviewed Quest Nutrition's newest flavor, Double Chocolate Chunk. I've faithfully been buying their bars for three years, and yet another thumbs up for this company. Granted, I got the prototype batch, so hopefully, my next order will not be as dry and feature more chocolate chunks.

For those not in the know, I do work a full-time job on the weekdays, and everyone in the office knows about my YouTube channel. One of my bosses wanted to get into the act and do a 2-Liter No Burp Chug. Did he complete the challenge? Watch the video and find out!

FYI, it's clear that TK's lovely assistant was popular with the fans. Guess I'll have to get her on future videos! :-)

Two weeks ago, I spent a bunch of time with competitive eater Stephanie Torres. She took on several of Oregon's food challenges and also shares the same insane spice tolerance I have. It was fitting to have her try The World's Hottest Candy with me. You'll see her on future videos, and I'll probably do another blog post about her time in the Pacific Northwest.

What else does a panda do when he's bored? Buy a bottle of vodka and stick ten Trinidad Scorpion peppers inside, that's all. I figure in a few weeks, it'll already be pretty lethal to drink. After just a few days, the vodka has gained some color from the chile oils. It's no longer a clear alcohol.

I'm not sure what the holidays hold for me. With a crapton of obligations up here, I may or may not visit home this time. Only time will tell.

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