Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ichi 16 Teriyaki

Ichi 16 Teriyaki is located on NE 5th Avenue, near NE Hazel Dell Avenue, in Vancouver, Washington.

My mom came to visit for a couple weeks, and after a long day, we stopped here for a nice dinner. It's a typical menu at a teriyaki spot, but as usual, I honed in on a dish that at least looked spicy.

The Hot and Spicy Chicken Plate ($8.59) contains sliced chicken, stir-fried vegetables, all coated in a mildly spicy sauce. I got brown rice, which does cost a bit extra.

This is an extremely flavorful dish. Juicy chicken, with vegetables that retained a pleasing crunch. The accompanying salad on the plate had a creamy dressing that initially tasted like French dressing with soy sauce. Since that's probably way off the mark, I'd alternatively guess that the people here use a sesame seed dressing.

The crunchy vegetables and the taste also reminded me a bit of the "Hawaiian Delight" sizzling platter I ate growing up at the now-closed Columbia Inn in Honolulu. Yup, I really dug into the archives for that flashback.

It's a decent-sized seating area with dim lighting. Service was decent and a good-sized portion for the price paid. Ichi 16 Teriyaki is open seven days a week. I'd guess the number (16) on the sign is the location's number, as there are other Ichi Teriyakis with different numbers (i.e. Ichi 17 Teriyaki in Battle Ground).

I'd tell my family and friends to give this place a try. Very solid choice here. 8/10

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