Thursday, July 24, 2014

Barcelona On the Go

Barcelona On the Go is a Latin Gourmet roaming food truck in the Orange County area of Southern California. OC Weekly named this truck the "Orange County Truck of the Year."

In late June, this truck set up shop next to the Anaheim Convention Center. Spanish cuisine featured.

Only the finest ingredients on this food truck. The signature dish includes USDA Prime Top Sirloin and Fries with Chimichurri ($12).

Even in Portland, I can't recall seeing paella on a food truck or food cart menu. The price may have been steep at $12 (not including tax), but I gave it a go for panda science. Saffron rice, shrimp, veggies, and a spicy aioli on top for some flashy presentation.

The paella can be either a bowl or a burrito. The latter would be ideal street food; the former more of a sit-down-and-enjoy item.

Nice portion size. Obviously, no paella pan when serving individual portions.

Generally, the paella I've seen on TV includes shelled seafood, such as mussels and clams. Here, for simplicity's sake, shrimp and chicken were the protein stars. The chicken was on the dry side, but the shrimp was great. The aioli worked with all the other components, and the saffron rice was quite good.

Seeing other delicious items on the menu, the paella bowl would be a splurge item or a let's-try-this-for-science idea. Still glad I had it, though.

I would definitely return to this food truck. 7.5/10

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