Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chunk 'n Chip Cookies

Chunk 'n Chip Cookies is a roaming ice cream sandwich food truck in Southern California.

After glancing at their summer calendar, this food truck generally does catering and private functions. I was at Vidcon in late June, and Chunk 'n Chip was among the food trucks present.

I'm a huge fan of ice cream sandwiches, so imagine the panda's glee when seeing this truck there.

With several cookies and ice creams available, there are tons of combinations to try. Being in a more tropical mood with the nice weather, I got mango/pineapple ice cream between two macadamia nut cookies.

Some of the possible combinations you can get

Great refreshing ice cream. I detected more pineapple goodness than mango, but it's all good. The fast-melting ice cream totally wanted to escape from the chewy cookie's grasp, but that didn't stop me from completely devouring everything. I believe I also saw some pineapple within the macadamia nut cookie itself.

Great food truck. If you see it roaming Southern California, give it a try. 8/10

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