Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Pike Pub and Brewery

The Pike Pub & Brewery is located on 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle, Washington.

This is the home to a few hand-crafted ales. A couple of rotating ciders can also be found on tap. The Anthem Pear Cider was pretty damn good. Yay tulip glasses!

On the cocktail list, there's a XXXXX Rated Peppered Mary using Hot Monkey pepper vodka and Pike's XXXXX Stout. If only I liked Bloody Marys....

For food, the Dungeness Crab Chowder and pretzel are two of the signature items at Pike. This awesome crab chowder also includes Pike's pale ale.

The Pike Pretzel ($3.50 for one; $5.50 for two) has that firm surface and soft inside. It's topped with a generous amount of sea salt and paired with Pike's XXXXX Extra Stout Mustard. The mustard is not spicy, but has a nice tang to it.

For a poutine fan like myself (even when it's not the "authentic" stuff), it's worth noting that Pike has poutine. They likely get the cheese curds from Beecher's, located just a few blocks away.

Dessert menu is practically a world of sugar pandagasms.

Pike is one of many great spots to watch a sports game with your meal. It has the potential to get loud, as evidenced by the World Cup hubbub. If you're in downtown Seattle, this could be the place for you. 7/10

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