Sunday, July 6, 2014

Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant

Meskel Ethiopian Restaurant is located on E Cherry Street in Seattle, Washington.

I drove about three hours north to meet two college friends for lunch. Considering I hadn't had Ethiopian food in a long time, this place sounded pretty good.The restaurant is in a resdiential/commercial part of the city, away from the bustling downtown atmosphere.

The menu has 18 main dishes to choose from, including a vegetarian option.

The #13 (Yebeg Tibbs) was a server's recommendation. Cubes of fresh lamb sauteed with onion, and a side salad. Our meals came with injera, the Ethiopian spongy flatbread with that sourdough taste.

The Yebeg Tibbs was a solid choice. Very flavorful and tender lamb. Admittedly, the dish was extremely oily. Figure they were watching out and wanted to ensure extra fluff for my money. The salad was also good, albeit drenched with what appeared to be Italian dressing.

Next time, I might consider trying two dishes similar to what I had: #15 (Yebere Tibbs; using beef) and #16 (Doro Tibbs; using chicken).

If you're craving Ethiopian food in Seattle, this is a solid place to head to. 7.5/10

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