Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Eats by JC

Good Eats by JC is located at the Cartlandia food pod in Portland, Oregon. The people running this cart mainly specialize in slow-cooked meat sandwiches.

Good Eats by JC opened about a couple months ago (with the previous owners running a pizza cart here). There are several items on the everyday menu, and you'll probably see a limited-time special also offered.

Sign was still up in February 2013
(February 2013)

UPDATE: July 2013 Menu!
UPDATE: July 2013 Menu!
I roamed the pod in early February and one of the cart owners here (a two-person team) suggested I try the special at the time: a sandwich with pork green chili. While there's no New Mexico chiles in this one, the name of the sandwich instantly brought back fond memories of my Colorado adventures.

The Green Chile Pork Sandwich ($6) starts with a hefty, yet soft hoagie roll. A healthy dose of pork green chili is added, topped with some lime chile cole slaw. The pork was tender and extremely juicy. I don't think you can break it down any better. The green chile here is comprised of jalapenos and green tomatoes, so it's very mild.

Green Chile Pork Sandwich
(Good Eats by JC)
Closeup of the slaw and pork
I enjoyed the crunchy slaw, nice hint of lime in there. I'd prefer a bit more slaw on the sandwich. Pandas love vegetables. I'll probably ask to get the bread toasted next time; I simply prefer it that way.

A popular item at the cart is the Stuffed Bell Pepper ($5): Slow-cooked pork and rice with spices and homemade sauce stuffed in a green bell pepper. Another suggestion is the Big Miller Beef Sandwich ($7), an Italian beef sandwich featuring slow-cooked beef and basically topped with giardiniera.

Real friendly people here! Check this cart out! 7.75/10

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