Monday, March 4, 2013

Viking Soul Food (Part 2)

(UPDATE: Viking Soul Food closed their cart at the end of April 2014. They plan to reopen as a catering-only business in the future.)

(Original Review -- August 2011)

I find it remarkable that it had been so long since I've visited Viking Soul Food. I finally got some food here back in late January. In particular, some lefse specials had caught my eye. This food cart moved to the Good Food Here pod in 2012.

At the Good Food Here pod
(photo taken January 2013)
I'm always down to try new foods and experience cuisine that's different from what I'd usually have. Since there are both sweet and savory items on the menu, this Norwegian comfort food (using a potato-based flatbread called lefse) is a great option to help with that.

At the end of January, Viking Soul Food ran a few specials, and one of them was the "Mardi Gras Polse" ($7): cajun andouille sausage, braised collard greens, Jarlsberg cheese, and honey mustard wrapped in a lefse. Just a delicious combination here. The salty and mildly spicy sausage is a perfect combination with the sweet-tangy mustard. Jarlsberg is a mild, nutty cheese that helps bind everything together. Great job on the braised collards, enjoyed a slight crunch from that. Huge fan of this one.

As I got closer to the end of this lefse wrap, I saw some more cajun andouille sausage. Happy panda. I guess it just so happened to be made that way this time.

Simple wrapping on the Mardi Gras Polse

Cross-section shot #1
Cross-section shot #2
(To show there was more sausage in this one)
If money wasn't an issue, I honestly would love to eat the entire menu. Each wrap isn't very big, so might as well get the full lefse experience in one sitting, right? Panda logic!

Check out Viking Soul Food. Megan and Jeremy make some great food! 8.25/10

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