Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Timber's Doghouse PDX

(NOTE: As of August 2014, Timber's can be found at the Tidbit food pod at SE 28th Place and Division)

Timber's Doghouse PDX is located at the Good Food Here pod in Portland, Oregon. This food cart serves up burgers, tater tots, and large breakfast burritos.

Timber opened this cart around 2011 and put it alongside her Korean cart (Yogio) on NE Alberta. Although Yogio closed last year, Timber kept the Doghouse, moving it first to SE Hawthorne and then to its current spot at Good Food Here.

Looking up some old posts about this cart, there used to be a hot dog option here as well, but it's been simplified to a few types of burgers, tots, "insane tot" bowls, and breakfast burritos.

For the burgers, you have a choice of beef, turkey, or veggie patties, all 1/3 pound and hand-formed. Beef patties are cooked to medium unless otherwise specified.

One of the more popular burgers is the "Momentary Indiscretion" ($7.50), featuring mushrooms, grilled onions, asiago, garlic truffle aioli, and chanterelle salt. But in my book, bacon is an automatic win, so I got the "One Night in Bangkok" ($7.25). My beef patty gets topped with minced bacon, minced pickles, sriracha, and creamy peanut butter.

"One Night in Bangkok"
(Timber's Doghouse PDX)
I about wanted to fall over in pure happiness after the first bite. An incredibly juicy and delicate beef patty showered in meat crack and peanut butter. The pickles and sriracha add a bit of crunch and tang to this one, but I'm remembering this burger for the beef patty, the peanut butter, and the bacon. Sure, I'm more of a crunchy PB guy. But hey, creamy still works.

I love that this place has gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo options. Oh, and double your beef patty pleasure for $2.25 more. The kicker sauce has a blend of house-made pickled jalapenos, habaneros, ketchup, and other ingredients. It packs a lot of flavor but shouldn't be searing too many taste buds.

I'll have to try the tots next time. Choice of regular or sweet potato tots! As for the "Insane Tot Bowls," the more popular options are "Truffle Treasure" ($6; tots topped with chanterelle salt, truffle oil, asiago, roasted garlic, and truffle aioli); and "Naughty in Nogales" ($6.75; tots topped with bacon, grilled pineapple, grilled onions, jalapenos, pepperjack, and kicker sauce).

But wait! Mark me down for the breakfast burritos, too! Damn, the panda will fill out by the time I've exhausted the menu. There are four burrito choices, ranging from $6 to $7. All burritos include three eggs and tater tots inside a 14" giant flour tortilla (and of course, other ingredients go in there, too). Each burrito probably weighs at least a pound after it's all said and done.

At least during the winter, the Doghouse is open six days a week, closed on Thursdays. I'm a huge fan of this food cart. In a rare move, I'm stamping this with my elite seal immediately. The bacon wins again, doesn't it? 9/10

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