Monday, August 26, 2013


Barista is a coffee shop on NE Alberta St. in Portland, Oregon.

While roaming the Alberta Street Fair a couple weekends ago, I stopped by for some caffeine and a treat.

I decided on a Lemon Poppy Seed scone (courtesy of Nuvrei Bakery) on this visit for its refreshing flavor. Not to mention the dang thing was good-sized. With all those poppy seeds in there, I'm glad I didn't have to take a drug test later that day.

I had an Ethiopian coffee on this visit from Coava Coffee Roasters. Well executed and paired well with the lemon poppy seed scone.

To me, it feels like the typical coffee shop. Very friendly service. Good coffee with an array of baked goods. Yup, and there's Wi-Fi so you can basically hang out there all day and become a jittery panda if need be. 6.5/10

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