Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Fukuya is a Japanese deli in Honolulu, Hawaii. On a short trip home, I somehow made this one of my first stops after getting off the plane. I had been here many times growing up in the 808, but only reviewed this place now. Yup, I'm slacking.

Fukuya is a family-owned and family-operated business. Open for 75+ years. Must be damn good to be around that long. All the food is prepared daily, so it's always fresh.

You basically create your own plate lunch here, with each item having a set price. Thus, the final price depends on what you choose and how much you get.

I enjoyed the juicy, flavorful ahi burger here. The crabcake was also a big hit. Can't go wrong with the musubi, cone sushi, and shoyu chicken.

Ahi burger
The fried tofu had a miso sauce on top that tasted off-putting, almost like rancid beer. Interesting, but just not my cup of tea, I guess. The tofu salad was not bad, but just lacked the watercress to give it extra color. Perhaps it was done to save food costs?

Beware that this place only has maybe five parking stalls in front of the building. You could try to briefly park next door if there's spaces, although I'm not sure if they'd tow you. Maybe not as bad if you go early in the morning...?

The place opens at 6 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Solid food and reasonable prices. 7/10

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