Monday, August 19, 2013

Roman Candle Baking Company

Roman Candle Baking Company is on SE Division, near 34th Ave., in Portland, Oregon. I first heard about this place from a Serious Eats article in July.

I visited around brunch time on a Saturday. A line had started forming out the door, so I figure it's gotta be pretty good.

The Kouign Amman ($3) was one of the pastries highlighted in that article. It looked like a flattened version of a croissant, with caramelized sugar on top. Basically, this is a "cake" from France with layers of butter and sugar that puffs up like a puff pastry. Real good and not overly sweet. It's flaky and might get a tad messy.

Kouign Amman

I also had Roman Candle's take on the cannele ($3). I bit in, getting the familiar "shell" on the outside and a soft inside. Again, the sweetness was controlled very well.


The prices made me do a double-take. Six bucks total for delicious sweets that I could probably eat in about 30 seconds. But hey, it's a good experience to try pastries that one may not always be able to find.

The coffee used here is from Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

You can also get fresh pizza here. The oven gets to about 700 or 800 degrees, so it's one of those thin-crust pizzas that won't take long to cook.

I'm a fan of Roman Candle Baking. There are many more items on the menu I would like to try, including the pizza and some other baked goods. 8.25/10

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