Sunday, August 4, 2013

Makoto Japanese Buffet

Makoto Japanese Buffet is right off of SE 164th Ave. in Vancouver, Washington. Like just about any buffet, it's a great place to do some capacity training and get your protein fix at the same time.

I joined a couple of my friends on a rare Friday night outing for yours truly. Despite a mass of people waiting, it really meant a wait of about 10 minutes because there were some parties of 6-8.

It's basically $16+ for AYCE (all you can eat) noshing. We all made sure to get our protein fix. The first round for me had a bunch of seafood and meat. Salmon was a huge hit, as was the ribs and clams. I'm basically a crawfish novice, so I impatiently just started eating the legs and shell. Probably not a smart idea.

Gargantuan oysters here made me do a double take. Panda logic required me to get one.

A different part of the buffet houses the sushi, crab legs, and tempura items. Good stuff, and a decent array of sushi, but I wasn't wasting much time on carbs. The sushi was quite small, anyway.

The crab legs won't have a lot of meat in them. Makoto smartly brings out just a few at a time. I had better luck breaking them open with my bare hands than any claw cracker.

I loved the teriyaki chicken skewers. Heck, I was a good panda and ate my vegetables.

The miso soup was good. I've certainly had more flavorful miso soup at Japanese restaurants.

Finally, dessert and fruit at the same time. I tried the vanilla cake and the mocha cake; both were delicious. I've told my friends that I should just go to a buffet like this one and eat nothing but fruit the entire time. Especially those bananas. Then I can be a mega fluffy panda monkey hybrid.

I probably could have kept eating, but I wanted to make sure I didn't completely hate myself the next day.

No big complaints here. Just be sure to get your money's worth when hitting a buffet. 8/10

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