Friday, August 2, 2013

YouTube: Worm Larvets, Twinkies, Carolina Reapers

It's been a bizarre last few weeks of videos. I started a few new shows for my channel, but the collabs with other great YouTube personalities remain my priority to increase that web presence. A couple weeks ago, I joined forces with Chuck from the Bronx.

Mmm...worm larvets

Chuck has a great YouTube following, generally doing gross stunts and some spicy videos. After a few weeks of exchanging ideas, we agreed to do some Mexican spice worm larvets. We added our own twists, and I predictably made mine a lot spicier.

I decided to start doing protein bar reviews, since none of my core Youtube friends strictly focused on that area. Not sure how many I'll do, but we'll see how this goes. Quest protein bars are amazing.

With Hostess resurrecting and bringing back its classic sugary products, a couple of celebrations were in order. First, a new webshow. Spicochist Lab actually will make food taste good with spice, even if it might be a tad out of the box. Ghost pepper Raspberry Zinger shake? It was actually delicious.

I've basically gone downhill on my speed eating. I responded to Wreckless Eating's 5 Twinkies in 1 Minute Challenge. A lot harder than I imagined.

The return of Afterburn! Chuck from the Bronx supplied the Carolina Reaper pepper, I ate it. Yeah, that thing burned pretty good. Wouldn't advise anyone to do that.

I haven't forgotten about the Spicochist Reviews! TMudder's Scorched Steak Sauce is a major winner.

If you're in Portland, Oregon, definitely check out Pip's Original. Their mini doughnuts are outstanding. All I do is keep Portland weird and add ghost pepper powder to them. At least I know I don't have to share them anymore.

I recently passed 2,500 YouTube subscribers. I never would have imagined getting even half of that when 2013 started. Heck, 1/5 of that total would have been a major win. A big thank you to everyone for all your support! Keep checking back for new content every few days!

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