Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lazy K's Kitchen

(UPDATE 8/29/13: Lazy K's Kitchen is closing their food cart to focus on catering and expanding their product line.)

Lazy K's Kitchen is now located near on N Beech St. in Portland, Oregon, not far from Gabagool. Co-owners Krissy and Brett serve vegan and vegetarian versions of New Orleans cuisine. I had visited them a couple weeks ago, when they were still at their old spot near Mississippi and Fremont.

Vegan and vegetarian gumbo? That's not something you'll see all the time. Heck, everything on the menu is at least vegetarian. I swung by late last month while walking around the neighborhood.

Menu in July 2013
Brett had already sold out of gumbo by the mid-afternoon. Their website says the gumbo comes with a choice of veggie sausage or country-fried tofu. A small bowl is $4 and the large is $7.

I went with their vegetarian Muffaletta ($5), which starts with local Dave's Killer Bread. Green olive salad, roasted red peppers, provolone, and mustard inside. You can also get sub in vegan cheese and/or vegannaise if you wish.

A delicious sandwich. The tang from the mustard and the briny olive salad worked well for me.

The muffaletta here is admittedly a small portion for my gluttonous appetite. Does that mean I get two or three next time?

(Lazy K's Kitchen)
If I'm in the area again, I'd like to try that gumbo. Krissy and Brett also serve mini corn muffins and black eyed pea salad. Very reasonable prices.

Lazy K's has a nice array of hot sauces. Not surprisingly, a few are Louisiana-style sauces.

As of late July 2013, the pod may have dwindled to this cart and King Burrito, but if you're in this area of Portland, check out Lazy K's Kitchen! 8/10

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