Wednesday, June 18, 2014

El Local

El Local is a Latin American food cart located at the Central Eastside pod (MLK and SE Washington) in Portland, Oregon.

The menu here features tacos, burritos, and burrito bowls. There may also be various specials on their chalkboard.

Burritos come with rice, refried beans, and veggies. I ordered a guacamole carnitas burrito ($7) which also includes fresh guacamole and juicy pork.

I love the portion size. El Local serves large burritos that will make most people very fluffy. Everything was cooked wonderfully. The burrito came with a green hot sauce (jalapeno) and an orange sauce (habanero).

Another notable menu item I saw: Huevos Rancheros. There's an option to add pork to this. Happy panda!

Check out El Local at the Central Eastside pod! 8.5/10

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