Friday, June 6, 2014

YouTube: Flaming Mofo Challenge; 7 Pot Madballz

Another update for the beginning of June includes what I promised: more challenges!

Flaming Mofo Challenge at Ribslayer To Go (May 2014)
In late April, I finally posted my Afterburn video of the Giant White Habanero. My buddies up in Canada had one left over, so they gave it to me to review.

My friend Jason Reilly grows fresh superhot pods in Hawaii. The 7 Pot Madballz is no joke.

The spicochist keeps finding a zillion snacks in the stores to review. Late July is a great organization focusing on using organic products and giving back to charity. I reviewed their Mild Green Mojo and Red Hot Mojo chips for separate reviews.

Ruffles has rolled out some deep-ridged chips. I tried the Hot Wing version for panda science.

Snyder's of Hanover has started making these Korn Kruncher snacks. Here's the chile lime version:

Yes, Lay's has a Pico de Gallo flavor in the United States. Pretty good, actually....

Want protein bars? Here's a Cookie Dough Caramel Crisp protein bar from Detour:

I've finally reviewed more hot sauces. The Habango sauce from the Arizona Spice Company has good flavor and heat.

I was quite impressed by the flavor on Dave's Crazy Caribbean hot sauce. In the past, I viewed Dave's as a company that produced superhot extract sauces -- and possessing that horrible, metallic flavor. I'm happy to see that they also sell all-natural, flavorful sauces.

Finn River made a habanero cider. Absolute must-try if you can find it. I think it was a limited-time flavor, but I hope it's still out there.

On May 3, 2014, I went back to Ribslayer To Go to take on the Flaming Mofo Challenge for the third time. I had defeated the challenge the other two times, when the flaming relish was much milder.

The challenge includes a pulled pork and brisket sandwich, topped with a "flaming relish" of habanero puree, superhot chile powder blend, and 4 million Scoville pepper extract. You have to finish the sandwich, chips, pickle, and cole slaw in 10 minutes. I wasn't looking to break the house record (a ridiculous 2:13), but still wanted to officially beat the 10-minute limit anyway.

The place has great food. However, one probably wouldn't want to have this as their first experience here.

More stupidity scheduled for this summer! Stay tuned.

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