Sunday, June 22, 2014


Mixteca is a Mexican food stand that can be found at Farmer's markets and special events. I finally tried their food at Last Thursday, a function on NE Alberta at the end of every month.

The menu generally has tacos and tamales. The panda had not eaten tamales in ages and ordered a chicken tomatillo tamale here. Added some fresh pico de gallo on top.

This was a damn good tamale, very good flavor. At close to a pound of food for $5, it can quickly fill a normal stomach. I was told that they can make a 2-pound tamale as well. Bring it on. Panda gotta keep stretching the stomach.

The Chicken Oaxaqueno tamale has a mole sauce on top.

There was a watermelon drink available, quite refreshing as the summer months approach. The other jug contained horchata, a sweet white drink from Latin America.

There are several hot sauces here, which would all be mild for me. I did like the green sauce, very good flavor.

Eventually, the owners of Mixteca plan to get a food truck and join the food cart scene. I look forward to seeing them at a food pod in the future! 8.5/10

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