Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cherry's Nagani

Cherry's Nagani, located on River Road N in Keizer, Oregon, serves sushi and other Japanese dishes.

I really loved seeing all the sushi pictures. Lovely presentation.
I had a bit of trouble finding the place, but mainly because I had failed to write down the correct address (I initially had them around the 4100 block, when Cherry's is actually located at the 4900 block). The decor and ambiance of Cherry's was bright and uplifting. I especially liked the sushi pictures on the wall. A small, intimate atmosphere, but not cramped at all. Cherry, the owner, was very friendly and really pushed for me to try her sushi, which she calls the best in town.

On this day, however, I bypassed the sushi because I was craving curry instead. I ordered the chicken curry bowl ($4.95). I got my meal to go.

Chicken curry bowl (in a to-go container)
I really liked the color of the curry. A very deep brown-yellow color reminiscent of the way my mom prepared hers. However, Cherry's chicken curry gets some mixed reviews from me. I would have liked bolder curry flavor, but instead I got hit with a bunch of sweetness, probably from the sweetness of the carrots and perhaps some sweetener added to the entree itself. Perhaps adding some onion, celery, and/or some more spice could improve the dish. The curry just felt and looked too one-dimensional.

I will also say that the sushi prices can get quite pricey: $15 to $17 for ten pieces of sashimi (with rice and miso soup); roughly $8 for eight pieces of spicy tuna sushi maybe a bit much for my wallet; and $3 to $4 for two pieces of nigiri. While I didn't order any sushi, I would hope the quality is extremely top-notch (I don't doubt it, just thinking of the customer experience here).

I wasn't blown away with their curry, but Cherry's (the owner's) friendliness and charm will likely get me to return. 5.5/10

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