Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Grillmore

(Update on 1/11/12: Happy Grillmore will be serving the folks on the Microsoft campus in Washington state through May 2012. Their last day in Portland for now is January 12, 2012.)

Happy Grillmore is a burger and sandwich food cart located on SW 3rd Ave., between Stark St. and Washington St., in Portland, Oregon. Happy Grillmore was voted "Portland's Best Food Cart Burger," quite an honor, given the amount of burger food carts in the city.

After much deliberation, I ordered the "Larry," a pastrami and herb-roasted turkey sandwich with Tillamook pepperjack cheese, arugula, spinach, red pepper aioli, and mustard on multigrain bread ($6).

"Larry" sandwich from Happy Grillmore
A very nice, hearty sandwich here. Happy Grillmore doesn't skimp on the meats, that's for sure. Great pastrami and turkey here. The spinach was fresh, and the arugula gave the sandwich a lovely bite. The bread was fresh, the nutty texture rounded out a lovely experience.

I will say the sandwich was a bit dry; I would have liked a bit more aioli and mustard on the sandwich. Perhaps even a juicy tomato slice could have worked here as well. The whole sandwich may have been better off toasted (almost like a grilled cheese sandwich) so that the pepperjack could melt a bit. I do prefer melted cheese over a slice of cheese, but at the same time, I would want more than just a "boring" grilled cheese sandwich.

Happy Grillmore definitely delivers on a hearty, traditional sandwich for lunch. It may not have been the best sandwich ever, but I was cool with paying $6 for it. 6.5/10

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