Wednesday, August 24, 2011

GF Chef

(Second Review -- May 2012)

The GF Chef, located at the Green Castle Food Pod of NE 20th St. and Everett St., is an all-gluten-free food truck.

Seeking my "second lunch" of the day, I arrived at this food cart a bit after 2 p.m. -- only to discover that Chef Jim had officially closed up shop at 2. But he went beyond the call of duty here and took my order anyway.

Sandwich menu
And yes, the "rye bread" is actually gluten-free as well!
After getting a few suggestions on sandwiches, I ordered the Tandori Turkey sandwich ($7): seasoned turkey (Indian spices) and Champagne cheddar cheese on gluten-free herb bread (I believe Jim said thyme and garlic was in there). The sandwich came with a dill pickle spear.

Tandori Turkey Sandwich on herb bread
A great turkey-packed sandwich here. I liked the spices on the turkey (looked like paprika dusted on the turkey itself). Chef Jim toasted his homemade GF herb bread, which not only allowed the herbs to liven the eating experience, but melted the Champagne cheddar inside the sandwich.  My previous experience with GF bread (at another food vendor) was absolutely atrocious. I'm happy to say that the GF Chef's herb bread -- a homemade recipe -- was very good.

This was again a small sandwich that I inhaled in minutes. But after working at a gluten-free bakery for a couple of months, I understand that GF meals will cost more to make, and therefore will be more expensive to the customer. Was this particular sandwich worth $7 to me? Probably not. But that shouldn't take away from the great food (it was honestly a great meal) and the over-the-top customer service. Chef Jim is a class act and should be commended for all that he does!

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