Thursday, August 25, 2011

Screen Door

Screen Door, located on E Burnside St. in Portland, Oregon, serves Cajun-inspired meals. On the weekends, they open for brunch, which has proven extremely popular among the locals.

Packed house!

The place was packed at 10:30 on a Saturday morning. The waiting list was probably about 20 to 30 minutes, so I decided to place a take-out order for their Bananas Foster French Toast ($9.95): four thick slices of French toast with rum-flamed caramelized bananas, whipped cream, and cinnamon. Because I placed the order to go, the chef smartly kept all the components separate.

Bananas Foster French Toast
All components are kept separate because it was a take-out order

Oh my God. Busick Court's Banana Nut Stuffed French Toast just got a new rival -- and this French toast from Screen Door just may have won me over for the best in Oregon. The French toast slices were very thick and cooked to a perfect golden brown. I liked the cinnamon and the whipped cream put together...just so beautiful for presentation. The cinnamon also helped to balance the flavors.

But let's face it, the rum-flamed caramelized bananas were the star here. They were still temperature-hot from cooking on the stove mere minutes earlier -- and you can definitely taste that rum in there! When combined with the toast, whipped cream, and cinnamon, I was completely blown away by how amazing this was. I couldn't stop eating, no matter how hard I tried. And then I just started speed-eating and literally finished all of it in about two minutes. It was sweet, but not sugar overkill, which pleasantly surprised me.

To me, this is just about the perfect sweet breakfast.

I thought the atmosphere was pretty loud -- mainly because it was so packed. It could be hard to carry on a conversation when dining in, but hey, a busy restaurant is a happy restaurant! A great sit-down establishment, but be sure to get there early, or you may be waiting a while. I had seen so many amazing reviews on Yelp, and Screen Door has lived up to the hype! I'll try to go back in the future to sample their other stunning dishes! 9.25/10

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