Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Saucy's BBQ

(UPDATE: Saucy's BBQ is open at the North Station food pod -- N Killingsworth & Greeley -- as of February 2012. The cart had moved back there from the Foster pod in October 2011)

Saucy's BBQ is located in SE Portland, at the corner of 52nd Ave. and Foster.

Menu (as of August 2011)
I was amused when talking to the cart owner. His food cart sports the University of Oregon Duck colors, but he's actually a Beaver alum. Turns out his wife is a Duck alum, so I'm wondering if he lost a bet or if his wife had a big say on the design of the cart.

Anyway, I found out about this place through Food Carts Portland and Yelp. While the prices have increased in the last few months (no more $2 or $3 sliders), it is still very reasonably priced here. I ordered the pulled pork slider with cole slaw ($4). The pulled pork is mixed with a healthy dose of their house-made "Oregon" BBQ sauce.

Pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw
A better shot of the sandwich
I can see how this cart has been open for about two years. The sandwich was absolutely delicious. The sauce is a more muted BBQ sauce. It's not as bold and sweet as a traditional KC sauce. But because the BBQ sauce is not overpowering, the essence of the pulled pork can shine through a lot more. The pork was also very good, shredded very nicely.

I was a big fan of the slaw, to the point where I went back to the cart just to personally compliment the cart operator. The cabbage was crunchy and not drowned in a sea of creaminess (a good thing, in my opinion). He also tosses in some diced pineapple to give the slaw an extra dimension, setting him apart from the other BBQ carts. Being from Hawaii, I always appreciate wonderful uses of pineapple!

$4 for a pulled pork slider and slaw? Yes, please! I could also get a larger pulled pork sandwich (with slaw) for $7. They also do ribs and fish sandwiches. A real BBQ cart gem!

Saucy's BBQ made a wonderful first impression...one of the better pulled pork sandwiches I've had in a while. While I would have given a higher rating with a bolder KC-style sauce, I must give props to Saucy's for the fine food they produce. I definitely plan to return in the future! You can't go wrong with these prices! 8.25/10

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