Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fuji Rice Time (Part 2)

(Go here for my initial review of Fuji Rice Time)

It's been a while since I ate at Fuji Rice Time. I recently went back with a friend for lunch. The place had undergone a bit of remodeling in the months since I last visited. The cashier counter was now just in front of the sushi bar area, and new seating booths were installed where the cashier's counter used to be (on the left side of the restaurant).

Lunch menu
New seating on the left side of the restaurant
I ordered the usual that I get here: a spicy chicken plate with salad and no rice ($6.95).

Spicy Chicken Plate, no rice
As usual, a very delicious dish. The very moist, juicy chicken combined with the exquisite spicy sauce for a magical combination. The sauce had a respectable kick while not sacrificing flavor. Very inviting presentation.

The refreshing salad provided a nice breather from the saucy chicken. I'm unsure that everyone will appreciate the tang of the salad dressing. The dressing has a burnt orange color, which doesn't necessarily scream "I'm pretty, look at me," but it works for me. I wish Fuji Rice Time would get some nice spring greens instead of what appears to look like a packaged salad (it may not be, but it just appears that way).

The sweet orange wedge is there for presentation, but also there to break up the heat from the chicken and the tang from the salad dressing.

Overall, another lovely experience. The pop of the spicy sauce on the chicken made me want more. Well done! 7.25/10

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