Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sonny Bowl

(UPDATE on 2/23/11: Food Carts Portland announced Sonny Bowl had closed, with the cart off the lot. However, commenters later explained that Sonny Bowl would re-open in the future with an expanded menu. We'll see what happens....)

Sonny Bowl is a food cart near the corner of SW 3rd Ave. and Washington St. in Portland, Oregon. They serve vegetarian bowls (that can also be made vegan or gluten-free).

Sonny Bowl basically has three menu items, each coming in two sizes (mini or full-size). I ordered a mini "One" bowl with soy curls ($3.50). The "One" is a bowl of brown rice, black beans, and a "colorful assortment of mixed vegetables." It is topped with salsa, house-made cilantro-lemon sauce, and green chiles.

Mini "One" bowl
The presentation here was not too great, almost like someone just carelessly threw a bunch of salsa, green chile, and white sauce on the rest of the food. The food was OK, but just did not have that pop I got from other vegetarian bowls at other establishments. Once I broke through the mess at the top, I finally saw more color in the dish (purple/red cabbage, green cucumber, yellow/orange cheese, olives, red salsa, green chile, etc.). I did like the soy curls in there. The cilantro-lemon sauce was good, but not amazing. I would have also liked a bit more green chile in the dish. I did like Sonny Bowl offering sriracha and Aardvark habanero hot sauce as condiments.

Basically, I'd call this an average experience. The food wasn't bad, but could have had a nicer presentation and more bold flavors. 5.75/10

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