Saturday, August 20, 2011

German Sausage (Saturday Market)

At the Salem Farmer's Market, I visited a food stand that sells hot dogs -- using various German sausages.

I had a choice of German sausage, kielbasa, or a frankfurter on a hot dog bun. The nice lady behind the counter mentioned the German sausage was the one with the most spices and flavor. So I went with that option, topped with sauerkraut ($5).

At the condiment bar, I also put on some "sweet & hot mustard" and some horseradish

Condiment bar
German sausage hot dog w/sauerkraut and "sweet & hot" mustard
(Horseradish not pictured on the meal itself)

The German sausage was OK, but nothing remarkable. I liked the natural casing here, giving the sausage that great snap as I bit into it. The sausage itself stayed in boiling water until the woman took it out and lightly cooked it on the flattop.

The bun was pedestrian here. It was slightly warm, but should have been toasted, in my opinion. The sauerkraut was also just OK...I picked up the vinegar (from the pickling process), and I was pleased that the taste did not excessively overpower the other flavors here. Adding the sweet & hot mustard brought some more layers of flavor to the party. And of course, when I tried the horseradish, I had one of those "it-went-up-my-nose" experiences like one would have with powerful wasabi (and yes, that's a good thing with me).

But in the end, I wouldn't pay $5 to get this again. Figured I'd try this place for the experience anyway, though. 2.5/10

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