Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Euro Trash

(UPDATE January 2013: Euro Trash has plans to sell the cart at Belmont, but will keep their downtown location open.)

(UPDATE September 2011: Euro Trash has a second location in downtown Portland, off SW 10th and Washington!)

Euro Trash, located in the Good Food Here food pod on SE Belmont St., serves various sandwiches and breakfast items. They are also known for their Fishy Chips and Nah Nah chips.

I was pleasantly surprised to see them open on a Saturday...I had planned to try a couple of other food carts in the area. But one breakfast menu item stuck out at me: the "Bon Dilla" ($7): a quesadilla filled with chorizo, two scrambled eggs, giardiniera, cilantro, and a jack-cheddar cheese blend.

"Bon Dilla"
The cheesy inside...can you say food porn?
This was a huge hit. First of all, who doesn't love gooey cheese inside their quesadilla? I know I do! They also put a proper amount of perfectly cooked chorizo inside for that salty, meaty blissful bite. The giardiniera and cilantro brought that extra depth of flavor.

While I am a fan of scrambled eggs, I would have liked to see the cart operators ask how I wanted the eggs inside my Bon Dilla. Next time, I'd probably get them overeasy just so I'd get that amazing runny, custard-like yolk acting as another condiment. I'm certain I could have asked this time around, but oh well.

And of course, this meal can't be complete without hot sauce condiments! Euro Trash had me covered, from the trusty sriracha to a habanero sauce! Adding the habanero sauce and the sriracha gave this meal an explosion of awesome flavors!

I personally used the Yucatan habanero sauce (left) and the sriracha (far right)
An amazing first experience with Euro Trash! As I waited for my order, it appeared their most popular breakfast item is their "Trashy B": a bacon waffle (bacon inside the waffle!) with two eggs. On my next visit, I just may have to get that! 8.5/10

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