Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Salem Farmer's Market Teriyaki #2

Just when I thought there was just one teriyaki chicken and yaki soba food stand at the Salem Farmer's Market, I stumbled upon a second one on a recent visit. This food stand sells teriyaki chicken skewers and bubble tea to set it apart from its competition.

I just wanted to try their teriyaki chicken, so I got one chicken skewer for $2.50. You can get two for $4, three for $5, or five skewers for $7. I also put some sriracha sauce on my plate to go with my chicken.

Teriyaki chicken skewer w/sriracha on the side
All in all, a very good chicken skewer. The chicken was moist and smoky from being cooked on the grill. The smokiness really made me want about four or five of these. Very simple, clean flavors here. Adding the sriracha took the experience to the next level, as the kick from the sriracha worked well with the sweet and savory teriyaki chicken.

For $6, you can get a couple of chicken skewers over a bed of fried rice or chow mein. Or, for $6.50, you can have half rice and half chow mein with the chicken. A pretty nice deal there. The rice and noodles both looked like the food I'd find at similar food establishments, so I passed on that. This teriyaki stand also does shrimp tempura, which should really please the fried seafood lover. If there's any concern I have, it's just that it's really just traditional Japanese teriyaki plates...nothing here to really take it to that next level (other than the smoky teriyaki chicken).

Oh, and very friendly service as well. A solid score overall! 6.5/10

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