Monday, August 29, 2011

Aybla Grill

Aybla Grill has a few food carts in Portland, Oregon. I went to their food cart at the Good Food Here pod on SE Belmont St.

Lamb on the spit!
After seeing a nice chunk of lamb on a vertical spit in their food cart, I ordered their regular lamb gyro with feta cheese ($6.50).

Regular lamb gyro with feta cheese
(Not the most flattering photo, but it works for me)
While the succulent lamb meat was a bit on the dry side, it still had good flavor. The crumbly feta cheese took this gyro to the next level, providing extra saltiness and creaminess with every bite. The herbaceous parsley was a refresher for my palate. The diced cucumbers in the tzatziki maintained their crunchy texture as I enjoyed my Aybla Grill gyro experience. The flavors all worked for me. The soft, warm Greek pita managed to hold most of the filling in place. Overall, a successful gyro!

I would have liked to see just a bit more tomato and onions here for a more colorful presentation and a more refreshing bite. But I really liked the large lamb portions...that should be the star here anyway! I did not see hot sauce condiments at Aybla; adding hot sauce would enhance this dish tenfold for me.

The service was a bit took me a few minutes to get their attention. But once I got the food, Aybla Grill delivered. 7.25/10

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