Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ribslayer To Go (Part 4)

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On July 13, 2011, I ventured back to Ribslayer to take on their new Flaming MOFO (pulled pork and brisket) sandwich challenge. Chef Craig mentioned on Facebook that the Flaming Relish for the sandwich was now much spicier, with Gringo Bandito now the base for the relish. Gringo Bandito is comprised of habanero peppers, jalapeno peppers, red Japanese chili peppers, and more.

I wanted to be the first to take down the new Flaming MOFO, but to my disappointment, I was informed that someone else had finished it the night before -- in nine minutes. Thus, I made it a goal to just beat that time. I knew I wasn't going to beat my personal best of 4:40.

Flaming MOFO spicy it all in 15 minutes or less!
I started with the chips first, taking that down in a couple minutes. The slaw and pickle were down in two bites. Finally, the spicy sandwich!

The Flaming MOFO was definitely spicier than the first time I did it. But it was still freakin' awesome. The pulled pork was moist, the brisket succulent. I got a good (yet not overpowering) smoky flavor in both meats. Sure, you must be wondering how I could seriously sense all that in the meat while the spice melted my insides like a damn chemical experiment gone awry. I guess I just have that ability. Anyway, I finished that challenge in 8:30.

8:30 later, the food was gone!
Reward? Free ice cream on the house! And yup, I had more than enough room for that.

Ribslayer continues to impress me with their Flaming MOFO. Chef Craig upped the spice level for sure -- and my stomach was sure as heck hating me for the next 24 hours. But that won't stop me from ordering another meal from them. I'll just get a "regular" meal next time, and I will be sure to ask for some flaming relish on the side!

No change here; Ribslayer remains an outstanding place to go!

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