Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blue Star Donuts

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Blue Star Donuts is located near SW 13th and Washington in downtown Portland, Oregon. Micah and Katie Camden opened this spot in December 2012.

I was there for the grand opening on December 3. Each person gets one free doughnut. If you're a caffeinated panda like me, you could also get a free cup of coffee that day. Stumptown Coffee Roasters brewed here.

The line weaved INSIDE the store for the grand opening in December 2012!

The menu here really got my attention. I doubt a lot of places have a lineup that includes a doughnut with blueberry, bourbon, and basil glaze. Even the "simplest" glaze uses horchata. And the person who thought of pairing fried chicken and doughnuts is an evil genius that should win a Nobel Prize.

Fried Chicken and Honey Butter on a doughnut?!?!
(This giant menu is no longer posted, though)
The doughnuts here are pretty damn large, but they are incredibly light and pillowy. Basically surprised, shocked, jolted. Each doughnut is fried to a beautiful golden brown. Me = happy panda.

Taking a picture from five feet away, and the doughnuts are still pretty big

Just some of the glazes made here
My first doughnut here was the aforementioned Blueberry, Bourbon, and Basil doughnut ($2.50). A beautiful glossy glaze that screamed blueberry in color, while the hint of basil hitting while enjoying that first bite.

Blueberry, Bourbon, and Basil doughnut
(Blue Star Donuts)
Pillowy and light!
Underside of doughnut
People, myself included, might initially cringe at the sight of the prices. After all, one probably doesn't find a place selling $3 doughnuts very often. In any event, try these other doughnuts on for size: Coffee & Coconut Cheesecake; Homemade Horchata Glazed (a.k.a. Original Glazed); and even a Passion Fruit Poppy Seed doughnut. They're thinking of new glazes all the time, so they'll eventually have something you won't be able to pass up.

Unfortunately, they ran out of chipotle chocolate ganache on opening day...
The coffee is also good. Can't go wrong with Stumptown. You'll get a nondescript paper cup for your coffee here.

1237 SW Washington!
I went back a couple days after the new year. They had a maple bacon doughnut available, and I didn't have to think twice before getting that one. It's a lovely glaze where you can appreciate the maple syrup. The bacon was perfectly cooked, crisped up wonderfully. No burnt taste. The doughnut this time, while still light, admittedly wasn't as airy as my first visit. Regardless, their doughnuts are still awesome.

Maple and Bacon Doughnut
(Blue Star Donuts)
Occasionally, Blue Star Donuts will roll out a doughnut with pieces of homemade fried chicken on top. The doughnut is rolled in a honey butter glaze and served with a packet of Frank's Red Hot sauce to go with it. A fork may be required.

I'm a big fan of this place, and I wish them well on this sweet journey! 8.5/10

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