Saturday, January 19, 2013

YouTube: Spice Wars; New Projects

It might still be January, but I've already got some more ideas in mind for videos. Naader Reda and I also continued our Spice War in a special fat-free episode. And I'll be releasing my Diablo Burrito video tomorrow morning, so you'll want to check my YouTube channel for that!

Mmm...40 oz. of apple pie filling
As I mentioned a couple weeks ago in my last YouTube blog post, Midnight Madness was a huge success, especially when getting multiple people together and planning with such short notice. If you haven't seen that video yet, I put myself in a world of major hurt again. No surprise there, right?

I've filmed enough Spicochist Reviews that should take me at least through February. I have a bunch of hot sauces already, and the stuff I prefer isn't cheap like Tapatio or Tabasco. Thanks to my cousins in Florida, I reviewed some awesome Korean Red Pepper Chocolates and a mild jalapeno hot sauce from Tijuana Flats Hot Foods.

As you've likely noticed, I'm finally releasing my reviews of Vegas spots that I went to in December. Most of them were very good, albeit pricey as heck. No buffets for me. I'll be sure to go back to In-n-Out Burger in the future and tackle more of the secret menu. But it was quite the initiation anyway, eating alongside Naader, Juan Rodriguez, and Miki Sudo.

I've been forced to re-upload some of my older videos and plan to re-introduce them slowly on Thursdays. I guess one can call it a "Throwback Thursday" of sorts. Last week's video was the Triple Atomic Wings from Quaker Steak & Lube in Colorado (filmed April 2012). It's only 90 seconds, and the video's sped up anyway. Check it out!

Naader and I released our latest Spice Wars videos a few days ago. Since January is also National Fat Free Living Month, this month's episode was just that: fat-free. How's a habanero pepper and 40 oz. of apple pie filling sound? Does it sound...filling? #badpun #boo

Another Throwback Thursday vid uploaded a couple of days ago rounded out the week. I took a look back at a bizarre spicy-sweet burger I made using McDonald's items last year on the Fourth of July.

As I alluded to earlier, I have some new project ideas on the horizon, including some more YouTube collabs. Collabs are a great way for me to gain even more YouTube subscribers. Believe me, I'm thankful for what I have now because I was on cloud nine when I only had maybe 25-30 subscribers. Now I've gone past 200 in a few short months. No viral videos here, but still kinda hoping it'll happen someday.

Anyway, I've experimented with some new project "pilots" in the past, but ultimately nixed them because I wasn't happy with what turned out -- and I didn't think such ideas would last very long. There's one idea in particular I'm gonna try out soon, and I'm real excited for it because it's something I've wanted to do for a while. I usually got sidetracked with other attractive options and otherwise just plumb forgot about it. It's written down now, so no excuses. Hoping to set up something for February.

Again, I'll be releasing my Diablo Burrito video on Sunday morning, January 20. With January 21 being International Hot & Spicy Food Day, I figured it was a rather appropriate time. I might not have looked like I was in the worst pain ever, but it was far from pleasant. Be sure to check my YouTube channel and subscribe! New videos every week!

I should be back in a couple weeks with another YouTube update. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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