Monday, January 28, 2013

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop

Capriotti's Sandwich Shop has five locations throughout Nevada, mostly in Las Vegas. I stopped by the one on Paradise Road, just a couple minutes from the Vegas strip.

Paradise Road location
Capriotti's got its start in 1976 in Wilmington, Delaware. Lois Margolet purchased a boarded-up building, lived upstairs with her brother, and opened Capriotti's downstairs. The shop is named after their grandfather, Philip Capriotti. The bread rolls are also made fresh at Capriotti's every morning using a secret recipe. There are three sandwich sizes: small (9"), medium (12"), and large (20").

The original concept here was to appeal to the turkey lovers, and it's no surprise that the "Bobbie" became the signature sandwich here. Sliced turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing, all homemade. About 10-12 turkeys are roasted each night. Workers usually begin the day's prep from about 5:30 a.m.

I was very tempted to get the large sandwich ($12.79), but settled for the medium foot-long Bobbie instead ($8.19). The sandwich is wrapped in white butcher paper. Delicious soft bread here. It's a good thing it's a thick loaf for all the turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing put into this guy. The cranberry sauce had a slight tartness that worked well with the turkey and stuffing. I found the turkey to be slightly on the dry side.

(Capriotti's Sandwich Shop)
Closeup of what's in the sandwich
More of the cross-section shot
The medium sandwich can be a task to handle for the average Joe or Jane. The foot-long sub satisfied my appetite, but I'm sure I coulda handled the 20" sandwich without any problems.

I'm one of those guys that usually prefers toasted bread, no matter what's on it. Still, I enjoyed having a fresh, soft loaf for this sandwich.

I'm a fan of virtually any establishment that gives me a meal filled with fresh, homemade ingredients. There's no substitute for all those hours of labor. I see awesome hot options like cheesesteaks, meatball subs, and Italian sausage subs. Cold subs include turkey, roast beef, and tuna options.

Great service and a friendly feel overall. They say you'll "feel like part of the family every time you walk in the door and walk out with a smile." Mission accomplished there. 8/10

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