Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Primo Popcorn

(Happy New Year, everyone! Hope everyone has an awesome 2013!)

Primo Popcorn is located on Sand Island Access Road in Honolulu, Hawaii. It's a family business specializing in numerous flavors of popcorn. They may have over 80 varieties (including limited-edition selections), but the spicy popcorn flavors here were enough to spark my curious panda side.

I first heard of this place when my mom got a hold of some Tsunami popcorn here (contains ghost chiles) and basically suffered as a result. Unfortunately, I am pretty much the only sadistic spicy-loving individual within my immediate family, and a couple of my cousins would probably be the only other family members who otherwise would dare give this a go.

I saw two girls at the Primo Popcorn tent at a local craft fair and mentioned my spicy food cravings. They had the Tsunami flavor at the tent, but a few hotter ones awaited at their Sand Island brick-and-mortar spot. Say no more, I headed there later that day.

Primo Popcorn tent at a local craft fair
Of the 80+ varieties Primo Popcorn has made, perhaps a dozen or so have been labeled spicy. I must give major props on the popcorn. Enormous in size and a light snack overall.

Also wanted to try the Magma, but wasn't available at the time...

If you want to try or buy the spiciest popcorn flavors, you have to sign a waiver. Yup.

Tsunami contains ghost chile powder and furikake (basically stuff like seaweed and sesame seeds). When it comes to bringing intense heat and tasty flavors, this one is probably one of the best in their shop right now.

Holy Ghost is simply popcorn with ghost chile powder and a hint of this cheesy powder. Again, I'd easily snack away on this if someone gave it to me. Nothing too much more to speak of.

Succubus is basically popcorn with a dusting of Trinidad Scorpion Pepper powder. Another good choice for people who believe they can handle the real spicy stuff.

What?! is their spiciest popcorn to date, featuring the Trinidad Scorpion and ghost chile, among other ingredients. It also has a powdered cheddar flavor within all that. While a bunch of people will likely be too much in pain to even care, I'm there demanding more popcorn. Mmm...spicy torture.

I also have two YouTube videos reviewing each of the four popcorn flavors!

I must mention a couple of things. First, the Succubus and What?! flavors mentioned above are 1.5 oz. bags and cost $5 each, whereas the Tsunami ($4.50) and Holy Ghost ($3.50) range from 3-4 oz. I do understand the pricier nature of the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion powder, though. Second, there is another very spicy flavor out called "Magma," featuring the ghost, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and chocolate habanero peppers. Unfortunately, it wasn't available at the time of my visit.

While the concept here is pretty simple, it's a great way to showcase how versatile popcorn is. Sweet, savory, covered in chocolate, etc. The sky's really the limit here. Check this place out and support small businesses. 7.75/10

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