Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BegiQue Belgian Waffles (Part 2)

Just a short review here. I was in Salem today and craving a waffle, so I decided to pay BelgiQue an impromptu visit. I noticed that BelgiQue now sells waffles for dogs...behold, the Woofle!

Woofles! Now your dogs can enjoy waffles as well!
Just like last time, I decided to customize my waffle, getting a Brussels-style waffle with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit. The man working at BelgiQue today said he had fresh strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. He'd offer a little of all three to me on my waffle for $1 (as opposed to $1.50 because each individual topping was 50 cents). I happily accepted.

I did want to get toppings that I didn't get last time, but because it was so damn hot outside today, I just said screw it and asked for the ice cream again.

Brussels-style waffle w/three scoops of vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit
Again, my $5 waffle was cooked to order, with the fruit and ice cream placed on top for a delectable meal. So what if it was my second lunch and fourth meal overall on the day?

The first thing I saw...a larger dish was used this time around (see the photo of my waffle from my initial experience). Thought that was quite amusing.

The fruit was pretty fresh, but not the best. Perhaps it's just me, but I like my fruit on the cold side, and this was room-temperature.

I liked the ice cream portion for my money. Maybe it was a slow day, and/or maybe it was because the guy knew it was hot outside, but that was more ice cream than I received on my previous visit. Good ice cream here, but they probably get it from some store and don't make their own (correct me if I'm wrong on that).

The waffle was good, but it was not as good as last time. The waffle seemed a little drier than my first visit. A bit disappointing there. This is a gluten-free waffle, so it can really go downhill if overcooked.

I did overrate BelgiQue on my first visit. I appreciate the different waffle offerings and the ability to customize your own waffle, but this place needs a savory waffle option (like Waffle Window) to go more over-the-top. And again, I was the only person in that small place. The one male worker there chose to hide behind the counter -- quite literally -- instead of making the customer (me) feel more welcome.

This doesn't mean that this place is now horrible. It just gets a very noticeable decrease from last time. 6.5/10

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