Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sassy Onion (Part 2)

(Please go here for my previous review on The Sassy Onion)

Last week, I went back to The Sassy Onion (Salem, Oregon) for a business breakfast with two wonderful people from The basic gist of the meeting was to discuss this food blog and potentially writing for them as a contributor (much like how I do occasional reviews for Yelp).

Having already eaten a light meal prior to this 8 a.m. business breakfast (I can get up and eat as early as 4:15 in the morning), I went with a two-egg mushroom and cheese omelet (using egg substitutes), and a side of fresh fruit. My two companions went with banana nut French toast and a scramble with toast and fruit.

My very light (second) breakfast
Banana nut French toast, fit for people with big appetites
More hungryman breakfast goodness!
The food was good for what it was, but honestly, that's not the purpose of this post. The main reason here is to update my rating for Sassy Onion.

This was my third experience here (I had come back a previous time with a friend for oatmeal), and there is no doubt in my mind: I clearly overrated this place after my initial visit. The feel at breakfast is still humdrum and relatively dark. While Sassy Onion has friendly staff and generous food portions, I couldn't help but notice flies buzzing around the entrance of the place. Huge turn-off there. My repeated chances given to Sassy Onion have resulted in considerably more negatives than positives. I am now more unlikely to return here. 4/10

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