Monday, July 25, 2011

J's Teriyaki

J's Teriyaki, located in Salem, Oregon, is a tucked-away, hole-in-the-wall dive serving up Japanese teriyaki bowls/plates and sushi.

Specials for July 6, 2011

As appetizing as all their food looked (thank you, pictures), I went with their Teriyaki Bowl special for $4.95. And a huge bonus here to really note: I asked the female cashier (she may have been one of the owners/managers) if I could get spicy chicken teriyaki for the bowl. She said it normally costs $1 more, but today, since it was my first visit, it was on the house. Now that is going beyond the call of customer service!

Spicy Teriyaki Chicken bowl (in a to-go box)
I got the food to go, but it looked so damn good when I opened the to-go box that I just noshed away at it in the car.

It was very delicious. It was still temperature-hot, meaning it had just been cooking on the stove minutes earlier...super fresh. The mixed vegetables were wonderfully cooked and added amazing color to the dish (heck, I even saw some broccoli in there). The sesame seeds added an little extra appeal for the eyes, but it seemed to get lost in the shuffle here otherwise. I got a nice bit of spice, but nothing overwhelming. I'd say Fuji Rice Time's spicy chicken is still spicier. The chicken was juicy and moist. I would have liked just a bit more teriyaki flavor here, but maybe the spice negated some of that. All in all, a very successful dish that I would eat again and again.

The rice was also cooked very well and, when mixed with the teriyaki and spicy sauces, really made me one happy panda. Flavor, people! So important!

I received a bit more of their house spicy sauce on the side (not pictured). Good flavor in that as well. I dumped that all over my food after snapping the picture you see above and continued to chow down.

Chuck B., a person I know through Yelp, had reviewed this place last year and had an awful experience. He then went back (on the request of another Yelper) a month ago and gave it rave reviews. Chuck mentioned that new management was the reason for the turnaround. I can confirm that with the extremely friendly service I received on my visit. Just a great place to go.

It's a bit of a shame that the place is a bit hidden behind a Wendy's; otherwise they would be getting far more customers. But hey, go check out J's Teriyaki for yourself! 8.25/10

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