Monday, July 18, 2011


(Second Review -- January 2012)

Brunchbox is a food cart located at SW 5th Ave. and SW Stark St. in Portland, Oregon. They specialize in various types of burgers and sandwiches.

Basically, you grab a menu, pick a sandwich, and customize how you want it. I went for the Thai Bacon Burger ($6.50 + 50 cents more for a veggie patty substitution). I also customized it to get it hot, with lettuce and tomato.

Breakfast menu. Breakfast sandwiches served all day!
Lunch sandwich/burger menu
Two of their more popular offerings:
"YouCanHasCheesburger" and "Redonkadonk"

Customizing my order
Cross section of my hot Thai Bacon burger
I liked the flavors of the grilled jalapeno and the Thai peanut sauce. The bacon also works well with the peanut sauce...I should know after having that Peanut Butter, Pickle, and Bacon burger at Killer Burger. There was a tinge of heat in my burger aside from the jalapeno, but their version of "hot" really disappointed me.

This sandwich further let me down on three levels. First, there was no pineapple in there, despite the description on the menu stating such a condiment was on there. Second, the Thai Bacon burger looked much smaller than the picture on the menu. Finally, my sandwich either used some weird type of bread or a smashed-up bun, not as appetizing as the menu picture makes it out to be. The bun itself was OK, but not that great.

People really rave about Brunchbox's "YouCanHasCheesburger" and "Redonkadonk." It may be equal nostalgia and flavor reasons; after all, using grilled cheese sandwiches as buns is just super caloric and the way to go after watching a show like "Man v. Food," right? Sorry, I'm with many others won't see me eating a full "YouCanHasCheesburger" or "Redonkadonk." But sure, I'm up to see other people order it and eat it. If I can watch Joey Chestnut eat 62 hot dogs in 10 minutes at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest on the Fourth of July, then I can watch someone eat a good 1,000+ calorie "Redonkadonk" with everything on it.

The service was OK. I got my order in a reasonable amount of time, but I didn't find the guys working the cart to be the most charismatic people at the dance.

Brunchbox did not live up to the hype for me, and there were far too many execution errors in my order for me to consider a great rating. I for one think this idea of giving the customer the menu to customize their burger is a great idea. Surely you can't screw that up...but maybe I was wrong on that. I like that they have a ton of menu item choices, but if you can't get a simple order right, maybe I need to look elsewhere.

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