Saturday, July 23, 2011

PFE Sushi & Chinese Food

PFE Sushi & Chinese Food is a food cart located on SW 3rd Ave. and SW Stark St. in Portland, Oregon.

Sushi menu
One of my friends decided to get the large (8-piece) spicy tuna roll ($4.99).

Spicy tuna roll
I sampled a piece of sushi and just shook my head in disapproval. In spicy tuna sushi, the tuna (and spices) must be the star, and here, it wouldn't have even made it to the casting calls.

The tuna did not taste very fresh and did not have much flavor. In fact, we put wasabi and soy sauce on each sushi just to eat the damn thing. I didn't even taste any spice in the spicy tuna itself (although my friend could sense it). The rice was average at best. On the piece I ate, I felt some of the rice was a tad overcooked/mushier than I would have wanted it. The avocado enhanced the creamy texture of the sushi, but I would have wanted something crunchy (like cucumber) instead to take the sushi to the next level. At least the toasted sesame seeds on the rice brought texture and flavor to the dance.

I realize that this place is also a Chinese food cart. But when you're advertising sushi as part of your food cart name, that sushi better be good, too. I find it amusing that virtually all of the reviews I'm seeing on Yelp are really talking about the sushi, not the Chinese food.

I may decide to try their Chinese food one day (I like that they have no MSG at that cart). But that sushi was really a letdown. At least the food looked pretty good, but in my eyes, that's a small consolation -- a very small consolation. 2/10

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