Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gyro House Mediterranean Grill

Gyro House Mediterranean Grill is located in SW 205th Ave. in Beaverton, Oregon.

Slicing some meat off the gyro machine!
I had seen several positive reviews of this place, so I decided to try them out. I went with their chicken gyro ($5.99), asking for their spicy garlic sauce on the side. Lovely grilled chicken pieces marry with special spices, topped with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and tzatziki.

Menu description of their gyros/wraps
Chicken gyro with spicy garlic sauce on the side
I received a lovely portion for six bucks. I got a lot of grilled chicken, and I loved that curry-like color. The Mediterranean spices really penetrated that poultry well. I enjoyed the fresh vegetables and the warm pita itself.

The spicy garlic sauce was not spicy at all to me, but I really liked the garlicky flavors. It is a welcome complement to the seasonings, chicken, and vegetables. The tzatziki is also very nice here. Both sauces also give this gyro great color.

I'm not sure what to make of having pickles in my gyro. I know that cucumbers can be found in gyros and in a lot of Greek dishes (especially because tzatziki may incorporate small diced cucumbers into it), but pickles don't sound very traditional to me. Still, I appreciate the briny taste the pickles bring to the dance. That extra layer of flavoring was something I probably would not expect to find in a gyro.

It costs 50 cents more to add Feta cheese to your gyro. Mixed feelings about that one. I like Feta cheese and always felt that it should just be a part of the gyro, no questions asked. But I can also understand that there are people who may not care for the cheese. Or maybe Gyro House wants to cater a little more to people that lead a dairy-free lifestyle.

I saw a few people in front of me that appeared to have roots in the Middle East or in that Mediterranean region. One of the workers there (at least the one who took my order) also appears to have such a heritage. That's definitely a good sign that you will be getting some great food.

I don't think the inside decor is too much to write home about, but I will mention that I saw the lamb-beef combination sitting on that gyro machine. A great visual for anyone walking into the establishment.

Overall, Gyro House serves up a very good chicken gyro. Be sure to get their spicy garlic sauce -- especially if  you're a garlic lover! 7/10

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