Sunday, July 31, 2011

Marco Polo Global Restaurant

Marco Polo Global Restaurant is a restaurant on Liberty St. SE in Salem, Oregon. They serve up Asian and European food.

I had just trashed the poor food I got from Orupa (see the previous review) and was still hungry. The lunch menu at Marco Polo looked pretty good, so I went with their mixed veggie and mushroom plate with chicken, brown rice, and black bean sauce ($7.95). It came with my choice of soup, and I went with the Hot & Sour soup.

Mixed veggies, mushrooms, and chicken, with brown rice and black bean sauce
Apparently this meant to combine the brown rice and black bean sauce....
It came with soup, so I got the Hot & Sour soup
I liked the soup. It had a nice tangy flavor, but I also got the very slightest bit of spice in there. Seasoned very well. No complaints here.

I liked the take-out container that my entree came in. And yes, the food inside that container was also quite good. I was caught a bit off-guard seeing the black bean sauce and the brown rice combined together like that, but it gave the rice some flavor. The white chicken meat was nicely cooked, retaining a bit of moisture. The mixed vegetables and mushrooms were also cooked perfectly, the juices from the chicken and the mushrooms made a lovely broth for the entire meal to sit in.

It was actually my second visit to Marco Polo that day (I got my lunch at about 1:30 p.m.). The first time, I went to get a menu, deciding to sit down near the entrance to figure out what to order and to get an idea of the service. A couple of people waiting to be seated were complaining about slow service, but it was around the peak lunch hour at the time.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this place. Marco Polo did not wow me with amazing flavors, but they at least served me some pretty good food. I would gladly pay $7.95 for the meal I received. Very filling and quite tasty. 6.75/10

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