Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Original Pancake House

The Original Pancake House is a nationwide eatery specializing in breakfast options, especially pancakes. A friend and I went to the North Portland Road location in Salem, Oregon.

We split a vegetarian omelet (egg whites only) with hash browns, and also got a plate of their sourdough flapjacks (grand total was about $22). The omelet is described as "fluffy...filled with fresh broccoli, fresh tomatoes, fresh mushrooms, and aged cheddar cheese."

Vegetarian Omelet (egg whites)
Hash Browns
Sourdough Flapjacks
Holy cow, Batman. Massive portions!

I must say, overall, I enjoyed the pancakes. They were perfectly golden brown, with the nice sourdough tang. I mentioned happily to my friend that I thought I was eating beer here, that sourdough flavor just permeated every bite. The sweet maple syrup contrasted well with the tangy flapjacks. However, I thought the flapjacks were a bit dense; I certainly have had fluffier, lighter pancakes/flapjacks before.

The omelet was good -- and very cheesy. There is no escaping the cheese here, folks. In fact, the cheese and the butter/oil the omelet was cooked in basically defeated the vegetable's health benefits in this dish. I'm glad I split the omelet with my friend, because all the cheese, butter, and oil made it a heart attack on a plate -- even with vegetables. I swear at least a dozen egg whites were whipped here. That thing was huge.

The hash browns basically looked like home fries to me, diced cooked potatoes. I would have liked a bit more browning on the potatoes. To me, there's nothing like a crunchy, golden-brown outside and a fluffy inside to a hash brown or home fry.

The Original Pancake House is a respectable spot for breakfast grub, and there's no doubt that you will leave with a full belly with their mega portions. But I've had better pancakes elsewhere, and the omelet is just too fattening for me -- even the vegetarian one. 5.5/10

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