Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bossa Nova (Yelp Event)

On February 2, 2012, I attended a Yelp function at Bossa Nova Ballroom. Several food vendors were present, including Pine State Biscuits, The Original Diner, and Crave Bake Shop.

Yelp Elites had exclusive access for an hour (6 p.m. to 7 p.m.). After that, the event was opened to other Yelpers. There was alcohol at the event, but I passed on it. Heard it was a good selection. I only stayed for the Elite hour, then left. I had already been eating for about six straight hours by that point, and a food coma was imminent.

My Yelp review, posted mere hours after the event, appropriately sums up my positive experience. Pictures will follow my review Enjoy!

(Review posted on Yelp 2/4/12)

(Reads sign at The Original booth)
"Pork apple fritters and bacon icing."
(grabs food, eats, blacks out from experience)

(Goes to Pine State Biscuits booth)
"Biscuits and Gravy...mushroom gravy or sausage gravy"
(takes a bowl, eats, blacks out again)

(Goes to Crave Bake Shop booth)
"Gluten-free, dairy-free hot chocolate cupcakes!"
(does a happy panda dance in my head)

Yeah, you get the point. The food was awesome.

Oh yeah, a vivid event actually happened. Am I allowed to mention it in more detail on this site, or should I have stuck to the first rule of Fight Club? Guess I already failed on that. Um, am I even allowed to take photos of this? Out of professionalism, I didn't, but I'll never be able to look at a skateboard or listen to "The Power of Love" the same way ever again. Who woulda thunk "Back to the Future" would have such a vivid effect? Thanks, Don B. Or should I say..."DOC!!!! DOC!!!!" :-)

For food, the aforementioned pork apple fritter was the star. The quintessential combination of sweet and savory met a slightly crunchy exterior. Bacon icing is the bomb diggity. It'll be a regular menu item at The Original very soon. Holy mother of win!

The seafood chowder from Salty's also deserves a mention. Just money. So I can't pull off the saying like Guy Fieri (and will never be mistaken for him), but whatever. It's delicious.

Since I was driving, no alcohol for me again, but would it have been OK to do several shots of bacon icing instead? Oh, too weird, eh? Sad panda.

While the food and company were great, as always, I have to say the experience was not necessarily five stars overall. In general, I'm not a fan of the bar or club-like scenes, preferring the quieter, intimate functions. Also, the lines for food (if going at the wrong time) was the equivalent of an orderly zoo. I'm personally happy I got my few bites in. But I snapped pics of most of the food, so I consider that a win.

Thanks again, Don B., for a cool event!

Biscuit w/mushroom gravy from Pine State Biscuits

Pork apple fritter w/bacon icing
Worship the pig!

Crave Bake Shop was there! Yes!
It's glorious...!

Banh mi samplers

Potato salad

Seafood chowder!

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