Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pacific Pie Company

Pacific Pie Company is located near the corner of SE 7th and Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. Pies, pies, and more goodies! Savory and sweet!

Line is forming -- and they've barely been open 30 minutes by this point!
Savory pies
Sweet pies
I had just demolished a dozen ghost pepper wings at Blues City Biscuits (a Super Bowl special Kimberly promoted), and I was still hungry. Kimberly brought up Pacific Pie Company, highly praising a savory pie that had beef and beer. Hmm. That sounds WAY too good to pass up. To PPC!

The place had barely been open for 20 minutes, and a small line had formed inside the shop. Savory pies were around $5 to $7, while the sweet pies hovered around $4. A bunch of delicious options. My brain should not work so hard!

Savory pie choices
Slices of sweet pies are usually all $4

Beef and Stout pie for six bucks. Sounds like the one Kimberly mentioned. Aw, look at that, it's one of those mini pot pies that I could cradle in my arms -- before turning evil and gorging the delicious guts out of it.

Beef and Stout Pie
(Pacific Pie Company)
Turned the flash off on this one so you can see the inside!
The pie crust was flaky and light. The stout used here was from Burnside Brewing Co. I stabbed through the top of the pie, releasing that awesome protein and booze.combo. If I'm not drinking beer during the Super Bowl (stupid studying), I'm getting my fix now, dammit! The carrots, potatoes, and onions all broke down wonderfully, and their essence further fueled my food addiction.

After one bite, it was like autopilot. Wielding a fork in one hand and grabbing pieces of pie crust in the other, the only thing stout at the table was my belly. Winner winner beef and stout pie dinner...I mean lunch!

Shoulda grabbed hot sauce. It's like my hands had minds of their own. It was a Mortal Kombat nuking, and all I needed was some guy to say, "FINISH IT!"

(censored screen; loud screams from the pie)
"Aaron wins...FATALITY"

I'll try to return and try a sweet pie. Figure if I ate any more after that, I'd never leave Portland. Check this place out! 8/10

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