Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rip City Grill

Rip City Grill is a sandwich food cart located at the corner of SW Moody and Abernathy, near the waterfront in Portland, Oregon. The term "Rip City" was first used by Bill Schonely in the 1970s when referring to the NBA's Portland Trail Blazers.

Clint is the man running Rip City Grill. He closed for winter break, but re-opened on February 1. Even when arriving the next day at lunchtime, he had a line going for his food. Must be damn good!

Workers in the area convene for Clint's sandwiches!
While there are several items on his menu, I came for his tri-tip sandwich.

I love beef. It's one of those times where we need the Dr. Seuss books to help out. "I will have it on a boat, I will eat it with a goat...oh, but then I'll also eat the goat so I must wash it down with a beer float." OK, so maybe that's the adult version.

After ordering the sandwich, you can also ask for one of Clint's add-on styles. All fantastic choices, I must say. Wait. Oh crap. "El Caliente." Pepperjack cheese (cheese of awesomeness) with sauteed onions and jalapenos. Must have now.

Menu (February 2012)
"Add-On Styles" for your sandwiches!
Clint: "Would you like some BBQ sauce as well?"
Me: *thinks* "Hell yeah!" (actually replied more professionally than that)

Tri-Tip Sandwich, El Caliente Style
(Rip City Grill)
The use of "Rip City" shall now also include ripping my taste buds with kickass ingredients.

The tri-tip slices were juicy and flavorful. The tri-tip appeared to dip into the well-done category, but that's mad skill to keep it juicy. The jalapenos and onions had nice crunch, the slightest spice emanating from the peppers. Cheese = win. The sweet/tangy BBQ sauce turned this sandwich into a mighty struggle. My jeans and hoodie sustained BBQ sauce battle scars. I still won. Hahaha, take that, (awesomely) evil sandwich!

Paid just $7 for that, a good deal for such quality. Check out Rip City Grill and get some tri-tip! 8.5/10

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