Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lucky Strike (Part 2)

I returned to Lucky Strike after a friend suggested I give their Szechuan items a shot (the non-Szechuan orange chicken dish was not very good last time). I stopped by on a Monday afternoon, around 4 p.m.

Again, the place was a bit dim as I entered, although brighter than my previous visit because at least the sun was still up this time around. The place had not been open very long, so predictably, only a couple other customers were present.

Spicy drinks!
Szechuan dishes!
(January 2012)
Happy Hour Menu
(January 2012)
Yes...I went for the gusto and ordered the Fish Bath in Spicy Soup ($15). Chunks of fish, enoki mushrooms, greens, and other seasonings in a spicy broth, probably with literally close to fifty red chiles (whole and diced dried chiles).

"Spicy Fish Bath" with Spicy Soup
(Lucky Strike)
Damn. "Would you like some fish and veggies with your chiles?"

Four bombs on the list means quadruple the asskicking. The fish broke down to an incredibly soft nature due to the temperature-hot, spicy soup. While the abundance of chiles left me with recurring coughs (hey, that means this stuff is for real!), I could still appreciate the great individual flavors.

The soup was oily to the infinite degree, and eating a ton of dried chiles is usually not my cup of tea. I think the oils and the chiles combined for an unruly stomach afterward. No worries, folks, I'm fine!

Anyway, if I wanted to do one of those Furious Pete videos (hmm..."One Man, Many Dried Chiles"), then I'd do that. This was overkill, even for me. It won't stop me from trying the other Szechuan items, but I'm not likely to get this one again.

I looked at the Happy Hour menu. 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.? Apparently, Lucky Strike opens an hour earlier now. I'll have to remember that. But dang, spicy drinks? OK, if I can get a friend to be DD, I wanna try one of those drinks! Or maybe all of them. Woohoo! Go for the gusto!

This experience was a vast improvement from the orange chicken debacle. I'd give the spicy fish bath soup an average rating, with a bump up for the spice. Jerald was my server, and I thought he did a good job. Looking forward to the next visit! 7/10 (significant rating increase)

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