Friday, February 24, 2012

Pepper Box (Part 2)

(Original Review -- August 2011)

Simply put, I was hungry, and I wanted breakfast tacos. I hadn't been to Pepper Box in months, so I decided to drive to Portland and catch up with Jim Wilson. Pepper Box is still in the same spot: the lone holdover at the Dreamer's Marketplace lot. Having the space to yourself does have benefits....

Figured I should try another taco this time, so I went with a Farmer Breakfast Taco. Jim's handmade flour tortillas with cage-free eggs, peppers, onions, mushrooms, avocado, Tillamook cheddar, and green chile crema. No meat needed here, just refreshing and filling flavors.

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(February 2012)

Whoa. Mac and cheese. Argh, another weakness! Jim, you are an evil awesome dude! It even has my favorite cheese (pepper jack) and roasted poblanos. And it looks so damn sexy gooey! Yup, I'll take one of those as well. ($7 for everything)

Farmer Breakfast Taco and Small Mac and Cheese
(Pepper Box)
In the midst of my hunger and beast-attack-mode mindset, I forgot about Jim's habanero-carrot sauce on the counter. The photos were snapped and the food destroyed. Picture Cookie Monster devouring his tasty snacks, or the Tasmanian Devil chasing after someone. I guess the resulting hybrid would resemble my food noshing.

You shall eat this breakfast taco....
The tortilla was soft and awesome as always, still thick enough to hold all the veggies, eggs, cheese, and crema. The creamy avocado acted like a tasty glue to harmonize all the flavors. If Ralph Wiggum ate this instead of the real glue, he would have had more brain cells to work with.

Some of the cheese melted, while other parts stayed in that semi-melted stage. Wouldn't that work for a cheesy porn flick or something? And cheese would literally be the star!

Hypnotizing and alluring, isn't it?
Oops, I didn't even get to the mac and cheese yet! Didn't I just mention something about a cheesy porn flick? Well, I actually meant that for this dish. The cheese became this see-through piece of lingerie. I see poblanos and macaroni peeking through! And it tastes so freakin' good! If God can reserve a tray of this for me in Heaven, I will kiss 100 babies and go vegetarian for a very long time. Well, actually, a "very long time" might only be one day because bacon is still meat crack awesomeness. But it was fun while it lasted.

I should get bacon on all my orders next time....

I'm sure you guys and gals get the point. On the Eighth Day, God created Pepper Box. Yum. 9.25/10

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